1. I am at least 21 years old and eligible to enter a business contract in INDIA.

2. I undergone an orientation session (online or classroom/ personal meeting with an existing distributor) about the Company and Business Opportunity, and I should not have any doubts about either.

3. I read, understand, and agreed to be bound by the Policies & Procedures of the company.

4. I agree to submit self-attested copies of the PAN card, Address Proof, Signature Proof, and Identity proof within 30 days of registration under the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, failing to which the company has right to block access to the back office and commissions/incentives/rewards until such time the documents are submitted and accepted by the company.

5. I understand that the company has a 3 years Buy Back Policy (calculated from the date of invoice of the personal development course of the company). I know that the registration in the company as a distributor is free of cost and I need to pay Rs.15000/- for the purchase of a personal development course from the company against which I am getting my registered ID activated and become eligible for all types of financial earnings and facilities from the company. I know that I can claim for refund of Rs.15000/- only within 7 days of the purchase of the personal development course of the company and after these 7 days the company will make my ID activated and make me eligible for the financial earnings and for the facilities provided by the company. I know that the company is assuring each one of it's distributors to refund the cost of the Personal Development course i.e.Rs.15000/-, if he/she fail to earn at least Rs.15000/- from the business within three years from the purchase of the Personal Development course of the company . I agree that I will always inform customers about this policy, with relevant conditions for the same.

6. I am solely responsible for complying with the Income tax, Service Tax, Professional Tax, GST, Sales Tax/VAT, Octroi, LBT and/or any other local taxes and levies for sales of products and services as may be applicable from time to time. I know that the company will not be responsible for any deviation and violation of any such legal/statutory requirement from my end.

7. I agree that TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and other related taxes will be deducted by the company from the commissions and other payments payable to me.

8. I confirm that my referrer explained the Business Opportunity to me clearly. I also confirm that I have registered willingly, without any coercion or undue pressure from anyone.

9. I am aware that there is no fee for enrolling myself in the company and that there is no compulsion to purchase any products and/or services to be enrolled as a distributor of the company.

10. I understand that the compensation on sales of products and services will be calculated as per the Compensation Plan of the company published on the company's official website, which may be revised according to the statutory requirements.

11. I will always commit and communicate as a trained and an authorised distributor by the company and never mislead or give any unauthorised information nor any competitive comparison/advantage of the products and services to the prospective customers/prospective Distributors.

12. I will never unfairly denigrate any other organisation, brand, or product, directly or indirectly.

13. I will not make any product claims on my own and would share the information only from the official publications authorised by the company. Also, I will not misrepresent the earning potential of this Business Opportunity and shall always transparently share documented facts published on the official website of the company.

14. I acknowledge and confirm that I will be, always, an independent, self-employed entrepreneur in relation to this Agreement as a Distributor, and will not, at any time, claim or represent to be an employee of the company, nor will I claim any benefits provided to the employees of the company.

15. I understand and accept that in case of his/her resignation or the termination of this Agreement due to non-compliance of any condition/s mentioned in the Distributor Application form and Policies & Procedures, I will lose the right to claim commissions/incentives/rewards, access to the back office, and right to purchase products/sales tools, etc., and he/she will not be eligible to get any remuneration from the company.

16. I declare that I am not engaged and will not engage in any anti-national activities, directly or indirectly.

17. I accept the right of the company to reject the application for registration at its absolute sole discretion, without specifying any reasons thereof.

18. I am authorised to enter in an agreement with the company and sign the Application Form.

19. I confirm and agree to abide by such terms and conditions as modified or amended by the company from time to time.

20. I understand that upgrade of systems and processes is an ongoing exercise and the company will continue to work on the same, and I confirm that I have read and understood the latest available information on the company’s official website before signing the application form. I also understand that in case of any clarification on the same, I can write to vivekpatil@livesimple.co.in

21. I fully understand that if I do not agree with the Policies & Procedures, I am free to resign by sending the resignation letter to the company.

22. I undertake to confirm the accuracy of the information by referring to the company’s official website before propagating the same.

23. I declare that the details furnished by me are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I undertake to inform the company of any changes therein, immediately.

24. In case any of the information is found to be false or untrue, I am aware that I may be held liable for it and the company may terminate this Agreement as soon as the company confirms the same and take legal action against me to recover the commissions, bonuses, and rewards, etc. paid to me.

25. I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understood the Distributor Application and Agreement, along with all the relevant documents, including the Code of Conduct, Policies & Procedures, and Compensation Plan defined herein as “Materials” which are incorporated herewith, and I am agree to be bound by all of them.

26. I understand that this agreement will be terminated in case of no business done for a consecutive period of four years.

27. I agree to send in any complaints to the company on the official email address vivekpatil@livesimple.co.in and give the company 45 days to provide an unbiased resolution according to the policies of the company before escalating it to the Department of Consumer Affairs or any other government body.

28. I agree to receive updates from the company on my registered email address and registered mobile number.

29. I understand that the personal details I have shared with the company, along with data regarding the business, may be shared with the governmental agencies, if required.

30:- I know that my investment in this business is different from the amount I use to pay for the purchase of personal development course of this business.

31:- I know that the investment in this business ranges from Rs.5000/- to Rs.150000/- against which I can get monthly 3% return without any market risk and without any condition and also I know that this investment need to be done for at least three months period and the return on investments which is 3% per month will be paid to me at an interval of 3 months.

32:- I know that withdrawal of the amount invested in this business can be done by giving an intimation to the company 8 days prior to the completion of three months period of the investment otherwise the same investment will be continued for next three months and again the same process will continue to keep the amount as an investment in the company.

33:- I know that I earn money by means of different amounts like Rs.2500/- or Rs.5000/- etc, and every seventh amount or check will be converted into e-voucher which will be kept on records of the company in the accounts of me, against which I can purchase products and services available in the company.

34:- I know that each distributor can earn only Rs.30000/- per week in this business.

35:- I know that payment of GST is my responsibility and the company will not be responsible for any kind of dispute on myself regarding GST issues.

36:- I know that the company has given discount of Rs.3000/- for the family members of the personnel of Indian Armed forces, Paramilitary forces , all state police, central police etc, on the purchase of the personal development course of the company and I will spread awareness regarding this.

37:-I know that all disputes are subject to Amravati (M.S.) jurisdiction.